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Transition to Transformation.

All transitions lead to transformation of some kind. Taking the step of working with a Life Coach means you are choosing to strength over stress, joy over fear, acceptance over anxiety. I will help you learn to make confident choices, take purposeful action and move through the challenges in your life.  I will help you expand your perspectives, practice new approaches and fortify your well-being so you can live your potential and be all you were meant to be through life's constant changes.  

One-on-One Coaching Includes:

• (1) 60 minute Life Coaching session 2 x per month

• Unlimited 20 minute Life Coaching Power Sessions 

• Unlimited text and email support 

• Energy Leadership Attitudinal Assessment + 90 minute Debrief session 

• Comprehensive coaching program: Be The Best You

•In-person, Zoom or phone sessions available.  

The Coaching Relationship.   

Your investment into our life-coaching and well-being consulting relationship will help you to create the life, health and personal and professional relationships you want as you transition from where you are at this moment to where you want to be.  

As your Life Coach, my role is to guide you into a safe space by asking empowering questions and utilizing proprietary assessments that will lead you to discovering your own answers. I will provide you the opportunity to explore on a deeper level what you truly want to manifest in your life and together we will create the strategies that are uniquely right for you to get there.  We will uncover the thoughts, emotions and behaviors that may be blocking you and keeping you from your goals.  Once these limitations have been identified, addressed and released, you will feel empowered and be strengthened with confidence and clarity to move forward into action so you can reach your transition goals and beyond.  

With empathy, dedication, accountability and confidentiality, I am committed to helping you create more of the life you want, help you grow your perspectives, practice new approaches and strengthen your foundational well-being that will support you joyfully through life changes.  

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