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The Problem

Our lives have sped-up so much due technology and the digital era, that our Western culture today links our self-worth with the need to always be doing. 


Recognize any of these?

  • You're a go-getter, living a fast pace, and you never feel caught-up... on anything.
  • Providing or caring for others as a professional or a family member, putting your own self-care on the back-burner.
  • You long for close relationships, but feel disconnected and don't have the energy to create intimacy or the time for deep friendships. 
  • You're thinking about or are engaging in behaviors that are out of integrity with who you are and what you value.
  • You feel weighed down with worry, often losing sleep.
  • You're exhausted, on the verge of burn-out, living for your next vacation so you can finally relax!


Together, let's create a lifestyle that balances both your mission and your well-being!           

 As your Well-being Coach, I help you: 

  • Get your life back as a human being rather than a human doing.
  • Get clear on your life's purpose and mission as your true north and be rid of the mental fog for good!
  • Create the mindset that will support healthy habits and routines that are sustainable so THEY set the tone for your lifestyle.
  • Feel more connected to God, yourself and others so your relationships can thrive and support your mission.
  • Care for others with empathy while maintaining emotional boundaries.
  • Be in control of your schedule instead of it controlling you.



Well-being Coaching 

You've hit the wall or you're close to it! Together, let's get you beyond it so you can live your purpose peacefully, feeling like a human-being rather than a human-doing!

Tear the Wall Down Here!

The insights and confidence you gain when you work with Leah will invaluably assist you in all aspects of your well-being. In your career and relationships, everybody can use a coach to increase their well-being. Leah is a great one and I recommend her for anybody!

 ~ Joe M., Business Owner & Consultant

Leah’s life experience, compassion, and love for lifting others up helped me move through the grief process of losing my son. She has become a role model and wonderful friend. She is the ideal life coach.

Charlotte S.

I am pleased with my progress I have made with Leah as my life coach. Leah shows true compassion as she intuitively directs you through the development of your goals and overcoming obstacles. She prompts the right questions and provides a safe and comfortable environment for you to explore different paths to achieve those goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve any aspect of their life. 

~ Sharon C.

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